Student Loans Total

Student Loans Total

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Student Loans Total

Total Student Loan Debt – $1.09 Trillion

How much student loan debt do you have? How is student loan debt calculated? Check out our video!

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With the increase in the number of students seeking higher education in India, the market for educational loans is expected to experience high growth. The government supports higher education by providing a variety of financial services under SIDBI. All these measures have been taken to maximize the use of funds paid for fee reimbursement, disbursement of scholarship etc., thereby increasing universities’ income. However, this increased expenditure on higher education was accompanied by higher debts incurred by students in terms of both enrollment fees and education loans. The total value of higher education in India stood at US$ 12.21 billion in 2013, up from US$ 9.05 billion in 2008. Total student loans outstanding in India were around US$ 70.59 billion.

Student Loans Total

Student loans total $100 billion a year.

That’s about $1 million per day.

And last year, student loan debt hit $1 trillion.

Student Loans Total


Student loans total

Now we have our base budget set let’s go ahead and start adding additional costs to our budget. I’ll add an extra 50 dollars a month into my student loan payments.

New car

I’m going to buy a brand new 2019 Chevy Cruze LTZ 1LT Coupe after 2 years of driving around in my old 2000 Ford Focus ZXE. It has over 140,000 miles on it and looks pretty good.


My gas budget will stay at 15 dollars a week. I’ve only been using fuel less than 12 times since I started tracking, so this should cover me until the end of the year.

Car insurance

I need to get a cheap auto insurance policy, but it shouldn’t be more than 12 dollars a month.

Health care premiums

I’m not sure about this yet, but I think I want to get insurance for myself. If I do decide to get it, it won’t be expensive. The cheapest plan I could find was under 10 dollars per month.

Homeowners insurance

I don’t really need homeowners insurance right now, but just in case something happens at home, I want to make sure that everything is okay.


This is where things get tricky. I’m currently paying about 30 dollars a month for electricity. My electric bill is actually higher than my rent, so I’m thinking of trying to cut down on what I use. I have two options here. First, I could try to lower the temperature in my house and turn off some lights that aren’t being used. Second, I could try to switch to LED lighting. I’ve heard these run much cheaper than traditional bulbs and might even last longer.

Student Loans Total

National Debt Clock



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