Student Loans Office

Student Loans Office

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Student Loan

A student loan is an agreement between the government and the borrower that states how much money they need to pay back. If you borrow money to go to school you will have to repay the borrowed amount plus interest over time. Repaying these loans could take years depending on what kind of loan you get and the length of time that you plan to attend college.

Interest Rate

Interest rates vary based on different factors including the type of loan you get and where you live. Interest rates may range anywhere from 2% to 5%.

Payback Period

The payback period refers to the total number of years you will need to repay your loan. A good rule of thumb is that you should aim to pay off half of your loan before the end of the 10 year payout period.

Federal Student Aid

Federal student aid includes grants and work study programs. Grants help cover the cost of tuition while work study provides extra funds to cover basic living costs. Many colleges offer financial aid to students who qualify. Students should look into their federal student aid before applying for private student loans.

Private Student Loans

Private student loans are offered directly by lenders and banks instead of the federal government. You might choose a private student loan if you do not qualify for any grants or scholarships. There is no limit on how many private student loans you can apply for so long as you meet eligibility requirements. However, private student loans tend to carry higher interest rates than federal student loans.

Income Based Repayment Program (IBR)

An income-based repayment program is similar to a traditional repayment term except that payments are adjusted each month according to your income. Under IBR, monthly payments start at zero, then gradually increase until you reach 100% of your discretionary income. Your repayment term is capped after 20 years.

Deferment Option

If possible, you should try to avoid taking out private student loans. Instead, consider deferring your loans which means postponing payment until later. By doing this, you are able to save some cash and gain credit towards paying down the principal. You can also apply for a forbearance option.

Student Loans Office

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The Best Student Loan Companies in USA

Students often times find themselves having to make some quick decisions about their student loans after they matriculate at a university. These can range from choosing the best interest rate to finding the right loan type. In order to help students choose the best student loans we decided to provide a comparison of each popular private lender in United States along with US Bank which gets 2nd place in our list.

There are many different types of student loans that students have today. We will go over the most commonly used ones including federal direct subsidized Stafford loans, federal direct unsubsidized Stafford loans, federal guaranteed Stafford loans, private lenders, credit unions, alternative lending programs, nonprofit organizations and more. Usually students who take out private loans do not pay the same interest rates as those who take out government student loans; however, there are certain situations that may change that equation.

We will share tips on how to borrow wisely abroad and share which countries lend easily to foreigners who wish to study or complete graduate degrees overseas. At the end of this video we talk about what to look for in student loan providers and share what makes US Bank special.

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Student Loans Office

If you have any questions about student loans and the loan forgiveness program, call 855-873-6500. If you need help paying back your debt, call 1-800-557-7690. For additional information visit

Student Loans Office

This video is targeted for use with the public domain film “THE BANKWALL” produced by the US Department of Education National Center for Educational Film & Video ( The Student Aid website provides information for students who want to know more about student loans. Students can find out if they qualify for federal loan programs and take steps to control interest rates and repayment options.

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Student Loan Department

The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection’s (Bureau) student loan servicing department is located at 400 G Street NW., Washington DC 20552-0090. 2. Student Aid Center

The Student Aid Center is a service center operated by the U.S. Department of Education that provides information about federal student aid programs. Its phone number is 1-800-433-3243.

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