Parent Plus Loan at Tennessee Tech

Parent Plus Loan at Tennessee Tech

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How do I get my loan?

You will need to download our free loan application and submit it online. OnceOnce we receive your information, we will contact you once approved to discuss your options for repayment.

Can I pay off the loan early?

Yes! If you have already started repaying your loan, you may opt out at any time, even after the grace period. Simply call us at (866) 903-6343 and we’ll help you complete an Early Repayment Request Form (ERP). We require a copy of your completed ERP before we approve your request.

What if I don’t qualify for a loan?

If you fall outside of our eligibility requirements, please consider other financial solutions,solutions, including credit cards, cash advances, short-termshort-term loans, or even selling some assets. There are many options available to you. 4. When does my money go out?

Your loan funds should be deposited directly into your checking account no later than 10 business days following the date your loan was received.

Will I still make regular payments after the loan has been paid off?

You will continue making monthly payments until the remaining balance has been fully repaid. At that point, your loan will be considered closed and no further payments will be required.

Do I need to use my own personal check?

Nope—weNope—we accept all major forms of payment. 7. Where do my payments go?

The majority of our borrowers choose to send their payments via direct deposit, butbut they are welcome to choose any method of payment that works best for them. All payments are reported to the IRS and tracked electronically using secure software provided by Intuit Payments Solutions.

Parent Plus Loan at Tennessee TechParent Plus Loan at Tennessee Tech

Tn Tech PPL is a program designed to provide access to technology, business training, mentoring,mentoring, and funding solutions for entrepreneurs who have been working hard to build their businesses. Through partnerships with local community banks, local governments, and state and federal agencies, we help entrepreneurs get the financial and technical assistance they need to make their dreams become reality.

Program: A loan program where entrepreneurs apply online for cash advances of $10,000–10,000–$100,000 that are repaid over three years (with interest rates ranging between 11%–15–15%).

The name says it all. We. We want to help you get started, expand, and succeed! We have a great loan program  where we provide funding to small businesses like yours! If you need capital and would like to start a business, apply today! Visit us at

The parent-plusparent-plus loan program offered by TN Tech makes it possible for qualified applicants who have not been accepted to the technical school to apply directly at the same time that students are admitted. In addition to tuition assistance and financial aid, parents may borrow money through the Bank of America Home Equity Line of Credit.Parents may Parents may borrow $25,000 or $50,000 based upon their eligibility. Eligibility requirements are below:

The applicant must agree not to use borrowed funds for any purpose other than educational expenses.expenses.

Parent Plus Loans are available to parents whose income is less than 150% of the FPL and less than 120 percent of their annual adjusted gross income.Parent Plus Loans are available to parents whose income is less than 150% of the FPL and less than 120 percent of their annual adjusted gross income.

The loanThe loan amount equals 100%of an of an eligible student’s tuition and fees (up to $12,000).$12,000).

The loan termThe loan term is two years.years.

The interestThe interest rate is 8% per year.year.

For more information about Parent Plus loans, visit

Financial Aid at Tennessee TechFinancial Aid at Tennessee Tech

Financial aidaid is provided to assist those families who qualify financially and academically for the benefit of higher education. To help decide how much to borrow, each applicant’s need for funding should be assessed. TN Tech uses several criteria and factors to determine how much financial aid to award. Please refer to our website for a detailed explanation of the factors used to calculate financial aid awards.

Parent Plus Loan at Tennessee TechParent Plus Loan at Tennessee Tech

This is a loan program created by TennesseeTennessee Tech Parent. We want to help parents with their struggles. Please visit our website at This link goes directly to our loan application. Apply online now! ” “

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