University of Phoenix Student Loans

University of Phoenix Student Loans

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“I am currently attending university. I have been working full time while going to school for the past two years.” My student loan balance right now is $31K. I know my payments are high, but I want to graduate debt free. I have tried getting help from the government and private lenders. But nothing seems to work out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. “

I have to pay some federal loans. I’m not sure how much I owe. I have to work 10 hours a week at the University of Phoenix, and I only make $9 per hour. I don’t know what my monthly payment is going to end up costing me. ” —Student

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University of Phoenix Student Loans

I’m not sure if I would qualify for student loans, but I have applied twice and was turned down both times due to a lack of income. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or if I just didn’t do enough research before applying. My goal is to attend the University of Phoenix online, obtain my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and become a loan officer at a bank. Any information regarding their requirements would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


You’ll need to post pictures of the two applications and any supporting documentation (such as pay stubs). You should be able to get some indication from the website whether a loan application has been processed. If you’ve submitted everything properly, then they’ll give you feedback.

University of Phoenix Student Loans

The University of Phoenix offers numerous degree programs at multiple campuses online. To help prospective students find the right match, the school provides the average student loan debt incurred after graduation.

State Average Loan Debt After Graduation

Total State Average

California $23,836 Arizona $19,963 Florida $17,943 Texas $17,867 Illinois $14,818 $13,984 in New YorkWashington, $12,957 Minnesota $11,958 Colorado $10,038

University of Phoenix Student Loans

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