Student Loans That Actually Pay Off

Student Loans That Actually Pay Off

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A few years ago, I had about $20,000 worth of student loan debt and was having trouble paying off my loans at the time. My mom suggested I refinance my federal Stafford Loan, since she did not have any money to give me. We talked to two different lenders and they both told us we’d need to pay around $600 per month just to break even. At the time, though, our finances were tight and we didn’t feel comfortable taking out a second mortgage on our home. So instead, I refinanced my private student loans. Two days after making the change, I received a letter from Sallie Mae stating that I owed only $1400 in interest instead of the $2300 I thought I owed! What happened? Well, I refilled that same day and paid them off before the end of the year. By doing so, I saved myself $400 per month in payments and am now well ahead of the game. If you decide to go down this route, make sure you check your monthly payment each month to ensure you’re staying on top of things. You may find yourself with much less debt than expected if you do.

Consolidating Your Debt Can Save You Money

If you want to save money, going for consolidation is the way to go. There are many benefits to consolidating your student loans. First, it makes sense financially. When you consolidate debt, you’ll likely get one lower rate than what you would have gotten otherwise. Second, it makes sense fiscally. Consolidation doesn’t mean your balance goes up; it simply means you pay off one credit card balance with another. In addition, your payment amount often gets reduced, which saves you money over time. Third, it makes sense emotionally. When you consolidate, you take control of your financial situation; it gives you confidence knowing you can handle anything that comes along (and it will). Bottom line: if you have a lot of debt, consolidating can definitely help.

Don’t Let Mom & Dad Take Out A Second Mortgage On Your HomeTo avoid getting stuck with thousands of dollars of debt, don’t let parents borrow money from you or anyone else. Instead, figure out how to get your own student loans repaid. Parents should never take out a second mortgage on their kids’ homes unless they absolutely need to. And if they do, they should probably have something planned for when they retire anyway.

Why pay back Loans?

Payday Loan Direct Lender Offer You No Costing! We Invest In Our Customers First Before Any Other Company Does. If you own your home; you have equity, we’ll lend you money to improve upon your home, giving you cash for remodeling projects and improvements. If you’re self-employed, we offer small business loans too.

What’s The Catch? None At All!

How Much Interest Am I Charged? There Is Never Any Interest Collected On Your Loan!

How Long Do I Have To Make Repayments? Once You Have Paid Off Your Loan In Full YOU CAN NEVER BE REQUIRED TO PAY BACK YOUR LOAN AGAIN!!!

What Happens If I Don’t Make Payments? Late payments will result in additional fees and interest charges. Upon default, your account may be reported to various consumer reporting agencies. Additionally, we reserve the right to pursue any legal action necessary to collect your past due balance(s), including but not limited to wage garnishment, court order, federal tax liens & levies, bank levy, repo, etc..

There are many students who have no money to go to college and they want to borrow money from private loan companies. But these company charges high interest rates and is hard to get the money back after paying off the debt. If you need some extra cash to pay for school expenses, our student loan consolidation program might be what you’re looking for. You can use this cash to consolidate all of your debts into one low monthly payment at a lower rate. All you have to do is fill out our online application, and we will take care of the rest! We offer loans starting $500 up to $35,000, which means that you can fit any budget. No matter how much you owe, you can still qualify for a student loan.

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