Lowest Student Loans Interest Rates

Lowest Student Loans Interest Rates

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Federal Stafford Loan

The federal government offers loans at both subsidized and unsubsidized rates. Subsidized rates are lower than the rate paid on a typical variable-rate student loan, while unsubsidized rates are higher. If you select the subsidized option, you will pay less interest over time than if you selected the unsubsidized option.

Pell Grant

This program provides grants to students who qualify. You’ll have to fill out FAFSA forms each year to maintain eligibility.

PLUS Loan (Parental)

Like the name implies, parents may borrow money for their children’s education using this loan program. Parents may not borrow any amount greater than what their income would be after taxes and child support payments.

Private Loans

You can get private student loans, which offer flexible terms and low interest rates. Many schools require them, however, so make sure they’re a good fit before you apply.

Borrowing Without Debt?

If you want to avoid borrowing altogether, take into account how much you already owe vs. how much you’d need to borrow. A family of four making $100k/year could afford to borrow about $50K without debt. However, a family of five making $200k/year could only afford to borrow around $25K without debt.

Lowest Student Loans Interest Rates

U.S. Bank – 0.75% APY (variable)

CITI Financial – 1.25% APY (variable).

Discover – 2.00% APY (variable), same bank card rewards as Citi.

Capital One – 1.15% APR (variable)

Chase – 1.10% APR (variable).

**Disclaimer: We do not provide personal loans at any interest rate. If you need a loan and have bad credit, we suggest using a private lender.**

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Lowest Student Loans Interest Rates

0% APR for 6 months

If you have any student loans or credit card debt, then the lowest interest rates are currently being offered by Sallie Mae. You can now get a zero percent interest rate for six months or until June 30th, 2015. If you want to take advantage of this offer, you need to apply and qualify for the program before March 31, 2015. There is a $10 fee per loan and each loan will have a maximum amount of $65,000.

2.99% fixed APR for 12 month term

One of the best deals out there right now comes in at Ally Bank. They are offering borrowers a 2.99 percent fixed APR on balances over $1,500 and balances under $3500 will receive a 1.99 percent fixed APR. The interest rates are variable depending on your payment history and balance.

1.49% fixed APR for 36-60 month period

Another great choice if you want to consolidate student loans is Carefree Credit. They are offering borrowers 1.49 percent interest for the first 24 months. After the initial 24 month period, they switch borrowers to a variable interest rate, which is based on your credit score.

5.24% fixed APR for 60+ month period

This is definitely not a short term deal, but Capital One does offer a 5.24 percent interest rate for a year or longer. They require minimum payments of $20 per month and are ideal if you’re looking for a long term solution.

0% intro APR for 14 days

There is no interest rate for 14 days, but Zions Bank offers no fees for transferring money between checking accounts.

0% intro APR on purchases

You won’t find any introductory APRs on purchases, but TD Bank offers 0 percent APR for the first 15 months on both personal and business purchase cards.

No Intro APR on Balance Transfers

Transferring funds between accounts doesn’t charge you any interest, so make sure to transfer some money to yourself today!

No Intro APR on Cash Advances

Cash advances are often associated with high interest rates, but Wells Fargo is offering just 0 percent interest on them.

0% APR for 18 Months

USAA offers 0 percent interest for 18 months with an annual percentage rate of 9.95 percent after that.

Lowest Student Loans Interest Rates

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Lowest Student Loans Interest Rates

Federal student loans are set at subsidized rates (up to 6.8% APR)

There’s no fixed rate on federal Stafford loans

You can take out additional loans at higher interest rates without having any negative effect on your payments

Your loan payment amount doesn’t change even after paying off your loan early

You don’t have to pay a private loan origination fee

Private lenders have higher APRs than federal student loans

A co-signer may be added to your loan regardless if they’re eligible or not

Private loans may require repayment until you complete college

You’ll get your first monthly payment sooner if you choose a direct lender over a bank

If you apply for a consolidation loan, your application goes straight to the top of the list

No credit checks or fees, just accurate information about your income and assets

Your payment amount won’t increase due to extra time in school

You won’t face any adverse effects to your credit score if you borrow money while enrolled

Loan forgiveness programs exist for students who choose public service careers

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