Sallie Mae Student Loans Customer Service

Sallie Mae Student Loans Customer Service

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2. If you want to pay back your loans early, call 1-866-540-1850; if not, then you have until April 30th (next month) to decide whether to repay or not.

You should do some research before calling them. I would recommend looking at their customer service reviews.

They interview students and graduates who have taken out loans and ask them questions about their loans, where they got trapped, etc.

Students shouldn’t worry about repaying their loan completely, they just need to work something out with their lender. But if you do get stuck, don’t give up! Ask your lender what you can do to make sure you stay ahead after graduation!

If you’re having trouble with your payments, you can look into setting up automatic withdrawals from your checking account on payday

Sallie Mae Student Loans Customer Service

How long should I expect to wait before receiving a call back?

This varies depending on the issue and what time you called. Typically, we receive calls back within 24 hours at best. If you reach out Monday – Friday 9am-5pm (EST), you should hear back within 12 hours. If you reach out outside these hours, please allow 48 hours. Please note that when calling after 5pm EST, our team does not answer their phone until the following morning.

What do I need to provide to resolve my issue?

The first step to resolving any issues is to provide us with some information about yourself. We have a few questions to ask you to help identify where you are experiencing problems. These questions are just a starting point; if you feel inclined to provide additional details, we encourage you to do so.

Can I get a refund on fees charged for a loan repayment plan?

Unfortunately, no refunds are given due to state laws.

My account balance has been reduced below $0, how can I avoid having my credit score negatively affected?

If your current balance is less than $0, then we recommend taking steps to make sure your account becomes paid. You may take advantage of auto pay options offered by your bank. In addition, you can contact your loan servicer directly for assistance.

How much does Sallie Mae charge to adjust payments?

You’ll be billed $10 per adjustment.

Why don’t you offer payment plans?

We strive to maintain good customer relationships and offer flexible payment terms to help people manage their finances. However, we cannot modify the amount you owe based on the type of financial situation you’re facing.

Will I have to start paying interest again once my balance becomes greater than zero?

No. When your balance reaches 0, you’ll stop accruing interest charges.

Sallie Mae Student Loans Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-800-822-8749

3. Email Address:

Customer Support Hours: Monday – Friday 8 AM – 10 PM EST

Sallie Mae Student Loans Customer Service

Where do I go?

Go online at

Follow the prompts to get to the customer service department. You will need to enter your student account number and Sallie Mae last name. You may then select a phone call option under contact methods. After entering your information and clicking submit, wait for the representative to answer and follow their instructions.

What should I expect?

You may have to fill out a short questionnaire first before speaking with a real person. It may ask about your situation, the amount of money owed, and what type of loan options you’re considering. It’s best to know how much money you owe and if you plan to pay off the loan early. Your credit score could also play a role in whether you qualify for a lower interest rate.

How long does it take?

The length of time it takes to speak with a rep varies depending on the time of day. In general, you will need to wait 20-30 minutes after submitting your request. You should also be prepared for a longer wait time if you don’t use the phone option. Online chat typically takes between 30 and 60 seconds.

Can I skip the queue?

Yes! If you choose to call instead of using any of the online options, you’ll bypass the queue. You can still wait, though, so make sure to check back once you’ve been put in the system.

Will my payment affect my credit rating?

No. Your payment will not hurt your credit score at all.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Not if you live in certain states. If you live outside these states, however, you will likely have to pay for shipping.

Sallie Mae Student Loans Customer Service

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