Nelnet Refinancing Student Loans

Nelnet Refinancing Student Loans

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What’s Nelnet?

Nelnet, Inc. ( is a financial services company that offers students loans and refinancing products. Nelnet was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

How do I qualify?

You need to have had at least $10K in student debt and meet certain income requirements based on your household size. You may be able to refinance your existing loan(s). The amount you would receive will depend on your credit score and what type of loan you currently have.

What are some good options?

If you have federal loans, refinancing them could lower your monthly payment. If you don’t have federal loans, there are generally two types of private student loans you could consider. One type is called a consolidation loan where you combine all of your student loans into one single repayment plan. Another type is a private loan where you pay interest only until graduation then switch to a fixed rate.

The best option may vary depending on your situation. For example you may want to look into consolidating if you’re having trouble making payments and are worried about negative marks on your credit report. However, you may want to explore the latter option if you’ve already paid off your balance and just want a new loan with a low interest rate. Either way, Nelnet’s website has helpful information to help you make an informed decision.

With either type of loan, remember that you should choose a lender who offers competitive rates with terms that won’t trap you into taking out longer than you planned.

Nelnet Refinancing Student Loans

What exactly is refinancing?

Refinancing occurs when a borrower takes out a loan with a different lender for less money than what was originally borrowed. In this scenario, the principal amount remains the same, but the interest rate may change. If you were to take out a $10,000 student loan at an 8% interest rate, then refinance that loan down to 3%, you would have the exact same $10,000 loan, but at a much lower interest rate.

How does Nelnet’s refinancing program work?

Students looking to refinance their loans with Nelnet should go to You can use this website to find out how much you could save by refinancing your student loan(s) with us. Just enter your current loan terms, select the type of loan (Federal PLUS Loan, Federal Perkins Loan, Direct PLUS Loan, etc.), and then click “calculate.” A list of your options will pop up, including how much you could save if you switched lenders. We’ll even calculate the savings based on your credit score! There’s no obligation to apply.

Why do I need to consider refinancing my student loan?

If you’re paying high fees on your student loans, you might want to consider refinancing. Many companies charge borrowers additional fees just for having your student loans serviced by them. These fees can rack up over time and make your monthly payments higher – without any real benefit to you. By switching lenders, you’ll avoid these unnecessary charges and potentially save thousands of dollars each year.

Nelnet Refinancing Student Loans

What does NelNet do?

NelNet is a company whose sole purpose is to help students become debt-free. Since 1999, they have helped over 100,000 college graduates pay off their student loans. As the largest provider of private student loan refinancing services in the United States, they offer many different plans at competitive rates. Their goal is to make paying back student loans affordable for everyone.

Why should I use them if I’m already using my parents’ credit card?

Using your parents’ credit card to pay back student loans could negatively affect your future credit score. By securing a loan through NelNet, you get the benefit of having a higher credit limit than what your credit report would show. You can then put money towards your loan payments without worrying about whether your parents will approve. If you choose to refinance your loans using their services, it doesn’t mean you won’t have any credit history, just that your credit history isn’t connected with your parents’.

How do they work?

For starters, the application takes around 5 minutes. Once approved, you receive a credit line that is equal to the amount of your current student loan balance. After that, you make monthly payments directly to NelNet. The company uses these funds to pay off your outstanding loan balances. When you’re done making payments, you’ll owe nothing!

What kind of interest rate do they charge?

The interest rate varies depending on your situation. On average, they start out at 8% APR (annual percentage rate) and lower rates may apply after certain time frames. They will notify you of the terms and conditions for each plan once you’ve been accepted into their program.

Is the service free?

Yes, absolutely. There’s no risk involved in signing up for a plan. However, you need to pay for the processing fee upfront. This means that you’ll spend $0 in fees on anything else, but will still have to pay the original price of the loan before starting your repayment period. In addition, some plans require a security deposit which will be refunded when you complete the payment plan.

Nelnet Refinancing Student Loans

What Is Nelnet?

If you take out student loans over time, they become even harder to pay off later. Sometimes you need to refinance your debt to lower the interest rate or make payments more manageable. Nelnet offers students who have federal student loan consolidation loan programs the opportunity to consolidate their loans at a low fixed interest rate. You may have heard of Nelnet before if you’ve ever had student loan debt. If you’re trying to figure out how refinancing works, think of it this way: When you go to buy something big, like a house, you don’t just walk in and pull out cash. Instead, you open a bank account, put down some money, and use the bank’s credit card to purchase the home. In the same way, when you refinance student loans, your bank accounts will get bigger while using your bank’s credit cards to pay them off.

How Does Nelnet Work?

When you apply for a student loan consolidation loan with Nelnet, you’ll fill out a short application on our website. We then compare your information with several different lenders and financial institutions to find the best deal. Once we match you with qualified companies, we work with each lender directly to approve your request, set up your payment plan, and help you understand what you’re responsible for paying back. If you decide not to pursue refinancing, you can simply repay your current loans according to your current repayment schedule. You won’t have any penalties or fees charged to you.

Why Should I Refinance My Student Loan Debt?

You should consider refinancing your student loans if you:

Pay off your student loans slowly and would benefit from a lower monthly installment plan.

Are having trouble making regular payments due to unexpected expenses.

Want to avoid a potentially higher APR interest rate.

Have bad credit history and want to improve it.

Can I Get A Refinance Loan Without Bad Credit?

Yes! However, it’s much easier to improve your credit rating than it is to erase it completely, so start now. You can start by taking advantage of the free credit reports offered by the major bureaus once per year. Then, use these reports to build strong personal relationships with creditors – including those offering student loan refinance options.

How Do I Know Which Type Of Student Loan To Choose?

Depending on where you live, your state student loan laws determine whether or not you qualify for a government-sponsored loan program. If you belong to certain groups (like veterans), you might qualify for additional loan programs. Find out if you are eligible for any of the following type of student loans:

Nelnet Refinancing Student Loans

The United States Department of Education’s (USDE) program provides financial assistance to students who need help paying for college costs. The National Direct Loan Program is administered by the USDE and is designed to provide federal student loans to undergraduate, graduate and professional student borrowers. There are two types of loans under the program – subsidized and unsubsidized. Subsidized loans offer eligible undergraduate students low interest rates and flexible repayment terms. Unsubsidized loans require the borrower to repay the loan entirely at the time of discharge. If you qualify for either type of loan, you may be able to consolidate private student loans into the national loan program. You may be required to consolidate if you have several private student loans and you want them to count toward your total debt load after leaving school.

In order to get approved for refinancing, you’ll need to submit documents showing proof of income and assets. This information should show that you’re making enough money to cover monthly payments without having to borrow additional funds. Your bank statement, tax return and pay stubs are good examples of documentation that could qualify you for refinancing. Be sure to include any other forms of payment evidence, such as rental agreement statements, lease agreements and utility bills.

Once you complete the application, you’ll receive notification within 30 days whether you’ve been approved for refinancing. If you don’t hear back within thirty days, contact your lender directly to find out what happened.

Since refinancing will extend your repayment period, you’re probably going to incur some extra fees, including a higher interest rate than you had before. These fees depend on the length of your original term and your credit history. Many lenders will waive these fees if they know you’re doing everything possible to make your payments on time.

Even though you may not be using a portion of your existing loan balance each month, you’ll still need to pay some of your current balance back every month. Consider how much you’ll need to pay back each month to determine whether refinancing makes sense for you.

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