Great Lakes Student Loans Contact Number

Great Lakes Student Loans Contact Number

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Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae was created in 1971 and was originally knownas the as the Student Loan Marketing Association (SLMA). Their goal was to help students pay back their loans faster by offering them different products to choose from, including loan consolidation and refinancing. In 2009, they went public and changed their name to Sallie Mae.

Great Lakes Educational Loan

The GreatThe Great Lakes Educational Loan (GLEL) was created in 1963 to provide financing to students attending private colleges. In 2006, GLEL became part of Sallie Mae. GLEL offers many different types of educational services to individuals and businesses.


Nelnet is a company that provides financial services to people who want to refinance their student loans. In addition,addition, they offer private education loans, home equity loans, personal loans, auto loans, credit cards, and mortgages.

US Dept.Dept. of Education

The U.S. Department of Education is responsible for providing funds to colleges and universities and helping students complete their degree programs.

Federal government

The federal government is a great resource when seeking financial aid. The Office of Federal Student Aid is responsible for providing information on grants, scholarships, and loans.

Private lenders

Private lenders are not owned or operated by the federal government. However, they still need to follow the same regulations set forth by the U.S. Department ofof Education. Many of these lenders have websites where you can compare rates and find out what options are available to you.

State governments

State departments of education often provide funding opportunities for individuals to attend college. There are also state-funded agencies that provide various loans to students.

Great Lakes Student Loans Contact Number

Great Lakes Student Loan

Contact:Contact: 1-800-843-9024

If you have questions about student loans, contact Great Lakes Student Loan at (866) 618-1062. You may get answers from representatives who understand how the loan works and how to pay off your student debt. If you need help understanding your situation, call them today.

US Department ofof Education

Phone: 877-687-8900Phone: 877-687-8900

If you have questions regarding federalfederal student loans, call the U.S. Department of Education at 877-687-8990. You can speak with someone who can answer your questions and provide information on options you might consider.

Department ofof Veterans Affairs

Phone: 800-821-3772Phone: 800-821-3772

The Department of Veterans Affairs can help with issues related to VA education benefit programs. They can assist you with applying for educational assistance and help you with financial aid. To talk to their free helpline, dial 800-821-8148.

The NationalThe National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)

Phone: 800-877-2780Phone: 800-877-2780

The NCUA provides counseling services for those dealing with credit problems. Their counselors can help you with bankruptcy protection, consolidation loans, and repayment plans. Call them today to learn more about what they offer.

Social Security Administration

Phone number: 800-772-1213Phone number: 800-772-1213

Great Lakes Student Loans Contact Number

Great Lakes Student Loans Contact Number

Contact information about student loans may vary depending upon the lender. However, there are some common contact numbers for student loan services. If you’re interested in finding out what your options are, you should try contacting these numbers first. You might find that they provide different types of information and advice regarding your situation.







Great Lakes Student Loans Contact Number

Great Lakes Student Loans Contact Number

This company was created by the government and I think they were trying to help people get loans to go back to school. But now these companies have taken over and turned into some type of scam. My friend got scammed and lost around $4,0004,000. He recently graduated with his degree about 4 months ago,ago, but he still hasn’t received any money! We tried calling them,them, but we couldn’t reach anyone at their number. So we just sent them an email,email, but it’s been two weeks and we haven’t heard anything back.

I don’t know how many students are falling victim to this scam but if you want to contact them please do.

They use text messages and emails like this (which looks legit).legit).

From: Sent: Sunday, December 23,2016, at 2016, at 9:52 PM Subject: Great Lakes student loans


You have an outstanding balance of $.

If you wish to settle your account, send me a check or money order payable to Great Lakes Educational Loan Corporation. Please make sure that the memo section says “payment” and not “cancellation”.

Remember, settlement is only possible after January 15th,15th, 2017.


Great Lakes Customer Care Team

These guys always try to tell you to give them all your information,information, like where you live and stuff. They even ask for your social security numbersecurity number. And then,then, once you give them everything,everything, they will never answer your questions.

The best way is to ignore them. If you want to talk to someone,someone, go to the student loan office on campus. They will gladly assist you.

I am talking about my family members who went to college and law school and now owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans. They told us that if we hadhad worked full-timefull-time jobs before going to college, we could have saved enough topay off pay off our entire student loan debt without having to take out a loan. Well, our parents didn’t work when we were younger and we had to pay for both of those things ourselves. ourselves. WeWe didn’tsave any save any money while we were working either. Now, we are paying back loans totaling close to $200,000200,000. There are no good options for us because there aren’t enough scholarships for everyone applying. Our parents have gone bankrupt three times now. We are scared that if something happens again,again, we won’t be able to pay off our loans.

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