Best Bank To Refinance Student Loans

Best Bank To Refinance Student Loans

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USAA has been around since 1940, and was founded after WWII as the Veterans Administration (VA) wanted to make sure vets had a financial institution they could rely on without having to worry about their loans going bad while serving our country. Today, USAA offers banking services, including checking accounts, credit cards, mortgages, auto insurance, annuities, retirement plans, and more.

American Express Centurion Card

The AmEx Centurion card gives cardholders access to exclusive travel perks, award redemption, and concierge-level assistance. You get extra points, priority check-in at the airport, and free food and beverages from some 4,000 participating venues worldwide. Plus, if you have the card, you’re automatically considered for elite status among airline frequent fliers.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa® Credit Card

This card has no annual fee, earns unlimited 1% cash back on purchases, and has great signup bonuses. Right now, you can earn 60,000 bonus miles after you spend $4,000 in purchases in the first three months. Additionally, this card comes with no foreign transaction fees anywhere in the world.

Discover it® Cash Back Card

With this card, you’ll earn 5% cash back in rotating categories. Not only does that add up fast, but the Discover it® Traveler¹ app makes it even easier – use your phone to book hotels, flights and car rentals, then pick which trip gets the most rewards.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards Visa Signature Card

Capital One doesn’t offer its own line of credit cards, but instead partners with other banks and companies to offer cards that often give great rewards. The Capital One VentureOne Rewards visa signature card lets you earn 2x points on dining, gas stations, retail stores & more. And you can redeem those points directly for gift cards to retailers such as Amazon®, Macy’s and Target³.

Citi SimplicitySM Flex Checking Account

Citi Simplicity checks account includes a savings account that lets you set automatic monthly transfers to your favorite charity, plus FDIC insurance up to $250,000 per depositor. There’s no minimum balance requirement, either, so you can sock away money whenever you want.

HSBC Premier World MasterCard®

HSBC Premier World MasterCard® is a great option if you prefer to pay with debit cards and don’t mind paying an annual fee ($95). But what really sets this card apart is that it comes loaded with benefits. First, you get 24/7 personal help via telephone, email, live chat, and social media channels. Second, your card comes with a yearlong zero percent APR on purchases and balance transfer. Third, you get $300 annual cashback on certain purchases, and fourth, you get complimentary emergency cash advances via ATM nationwide.

Best Bank To Refinance Student Loans

Best Bank To Refinance Student Loans


The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is an agency of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Its purpose was to insure loans and mortgages given to low-income families; however, since 2015, FHA has been offering refinancing options to those who have outstanding student loan debt.


If you defaulted on previous loans, you may qualify now for refinancing under the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), but only if you are enrolled in income based repayment plan. You will be able to refinance up to $31,000 per household at 2% interest rate.


The Veterans Affairs (VA) offers flexible loan programs that allow veterans to refinance their existing student loans. If you are eligible, you can refinance up to $20,500 at a 4.375% fixed rate.

Conseco Direct Loan Servicing

Conseco direct servicer offers several refinancing programs including the following:

Fixed rates: 6.50%, 5.00% and 3.75%

Variable rates: 7.25%, 5.75% and 5.25%

0% Down payment financing

No prepayment penalty

Up to 50% equity financing

All types of debt forgiveness programs

Best Bank To Refinance Student Loans

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Best Bank To Refinance Student Loans

Discover Student loan refinancing

Discover Student Loan Refinancing is a refinance service provided by Discover Financial Services. For qualified borrowers, they can provide a lower rate on your student loan if you have a good credit history, bad credit, federal loans, or private loans. Their interest rates are competitive and their application process is simple. Discover Financial Services provides great customer service and their representatives are always eager to help. If you need money fast, they may be able to close on your application and approve your request in a matter of minutes.

Chase Student Loan Refinancing

Chase offers similar services to Discover. Unlike Discover however, Chase only works with Federal Direct Loans and does not work with Private Student Loans. Chase’s refinance program is competitively priced and their website is user friendly. They have quick approval and short turnaround times. Chase is one of the big three banks today, along with Citibank and Wells Fargo.

Capital One Student Loan Refinancing Program

Capital One Student Loan Refinishing is a refinancing company that is relatively unknown. However, Capital One Student Loan Refi can offer competitive rates on Federal Direct Loans and Private Student Loans. Their website is user-friendly and their application process is straightforward. If you want to pay less on your student loans, apply now!

Sallie Mae Student Loan Refinancing

Sallie Mae Student Loan ReFi is a student loan refinancing company that works with both federal and private loans. They have reasonable rates and great customer service. In addition to their online form, they also accept applications via mail at:

P.O. Box 100857

San Diego, CA 92160

Email them at:

If you’re interested in refinancing your student loan(s), check out these companies!

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